IFF is investigating

IFF is investigating the prevention of sexual harassment and abuse in floorball
The IFF is investigating the prevention policies on sexual harassment and abuse in national floorball associations. The information on the existing policies is collected through surveys and interviews.

The IFF Information Coordinator Mari Myllärinen is studying the issue in international floorball for her master's thesis. The aim is to collect information from the national floorball associations on their prevention policies and strategies and on the factors that facilitate this process.

The first phase of the study being an online survey, has been completed by nine countries: Australia, Czech Republic, Finland, Norway, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Ukraine. The interviews will follow during the beginning of year 2021 and the results together with the full thesis are made available during summer 2021.

The results from the study will be utilised for updating the current IFF Sexual Harassment & Abuse Guidelines. The main results and the study will also be available on the IFF website.